Stacy and Josh

Stacy and Josh
September 22, 2017
The Farmhouse Inn- Woodstock, VT

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Stephen, Evan and I traveled up to Woodstock, VT for Stacy and Josh, and it was well worth the drive.

In a setting straight out of Pinterest, we pulled up to the Farmhouse Inn and were greeted by a group of chickens, clucking their way around the driveway.  I hung out in the farm house with the girls as the got ready while Stephen went up the road to capture Josh and his crew.

A farm setting like this is a drone videographer's dream, and Evan took full advantage.  He even made a weekend out of it and stayed in Woodstock to capture some more footage of the area the following day.  One of those shots turned out to be the lead shot of this video.

Stacy and Josh's first look was in front of a great old barn.  We were able to capture it from 4 angles, including up above with the drone which made for a great moment.

The ceremony was a perfect setting, right in front of the barn.  With all of the space I was able to set up a 3rd camera in the barn, looking out through the window toward the couple which paired with the shots Stephen and myself were getting on the other side worked perfectly.  Evan was even able to get some aerials of the ceremony from high above where the drone couldn't be heard.

As the sun started to set and we went inside I set up a few time lapses which ended up coming out great.  First, one of the barn with the sunset and later on a night time-lapse which showed off a great looking old truck they had on the premises.

The reception was inside the barn which gave every shot we took the character you'd hope for in this setting.  It was absolutely one of the most picturesque weddings you could ask for.