Che and Ryan

Che and Ryan
November 11, 2017
Wequassett Resort- Chatham, MA

Wedding Package:
Highlight Only

The cape isn't just beautiful in the summer, it makes for a great setting in the fall as well. I headed out to Chatham for Che and Ryan's wedding on 11/11.

Che used to be my boss at a former job, so it was so fun being able to be there for her big day. Todd Wilson was the photographer on this wedding, which always makes for a fun time.

Che and Ryan both got ready right on the premisesat the Wequassett Resort, which made things super easy on me as I was shooting this wedding solo. They were both very relaxed getting ready, soaking in the day and enjoying their time with their friends and family.

We headed to the First United Methodist Church of Chatham for the ceremony. This church was super bright and white inside which made it easy to capture some great shots. Including a nice Osmo shot I got of the couple walking down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

We went back to Wequassett for photos. It was a chilly day, but a clear one, which made a great backdrop with the early fall sunset.

As we headed inside for the reception I got a good laugh out of the cardboard cutout of their cat that Che had printed and posted at the sweetheart table, so he could be there for the big day.

During dinner we were able to capture some awesome night shots by the fire. Todd is always great at getting the couple outside for a few minutes for these, and they really pay off.

Back inside, the party got started and didn't stop till long after I left. The highlight being Che and Ryan taking the mic and rapping "Forgot about Dre" but changing it to "Forgot about Che".