Diana and Matt

Diana and Matt
June 24, 2017
The Haven Country Club- Boyleston, MA

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Diana and Matt were getting married at Matt's country club, The Haven CC in Boyleston, MA.  We had a full team on the day- Stephen, Evan and myself.  Typically with 2 shooters the second shooter would hang with the guys and the lead with the girls, but since they were getting ready at the same hotel and the timing worked, I filmed both.  This allowed Stephen's hours to run later into the night, which worked out well.

We arrived at the Haven Country Club and took some quick photos of the bridesmaids and Diana's family and it was time for the ceremony.  They had a beautiful ceremony out on the lawn which combined their Jewish and Catholic faiths.  Diana's mom recently passed, so there was a touching tribute to her in the beginning and her presence was felt throughout.

We had 3 cameras rolling the whole ceremony and I went to the center aisle at the end with the Osmo and got a shot of the two of them walking out that I really liked.  

Being on a golf course, it was only natural that we scooted off to the photos in golf carts.  Evan got a great shot of this with the drone that played as an awesome transition.  The lighting was amazing when we got down to the photo spot and we were able to get some great shots of Diana and Matt, along with their wedding party.

Back to the reception, it was kicked off with one of the best Hora's I've ever seen, the energy in the room was just awesome.  The toasts followed with some great lines by Diana's dad, sister and Matt's best friend that really carried the narrative in the highlight video.

After dinner the dance floor opened and was still rocking when I left.  The highlights included some great 90's pop and Diana's family crushing some polka dancing to Roll Out the Barrel.