Eamonn and Vicky

Eamonn and Vicky
April 29, 2017
Newport Marriott- Newport, RI 

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Kicking off the 2017 season where 2016 finished, Newport, RI.

Eamonn and Vicky are two of my closest friends, so since I was attending the wedding as a guest, I had Ken handle the filming.

They both got ready at the Marriott which was convenient for Ken, being the lone shooter.  He was able to bounce back and forth between the two rooms and capture some great shots of both Eamonn and Vicky getting ready.

The ceremony was at Jesus Savior Church.  This was the same church that I shot for Megan and Damien’s Wedding.  I took off my guest had and hopped on a camera to help Ken film the ceremony, with a steady camera in back, plus me and Ken we were able to capture the ceremony from 3 angles which worked great in the edit.  I was also able to pop out front when Vicky arrived to grab some OSMO shots of her walking in off of the trolly.

While we were in the ceremony, Evan grabbed some killer drone shots of the Church and its view of Newport.  

After the ceremony they headed to a few spots in Newport for pictures.  Todd Wilson was the photographer for this wedding.  I used Todd for my wedding when I got married in 2015, he always comes up with some creative spots to get stunning images and this was no different.  After a few stops downtown they headed to a rock formation out on the water and had the bridal party climb it.  It made for some amazing shots which Ken captured perfectly with his Steadicam cam.

They arrived back to the Mariott for cocktail hour and Ken grabbed all of the detail shots.  I set up a day to night time-lapse of the harbor which came together pretty nicely.

The reception was a great time, I can vouch for it as a guest!  Ken got a lot of great dancing shots, really capturing the fun of the night.  I even busted out a camera to record the last few songs including the final song at which the whole wedding circled Vicky and Eamonn and cheered, a perfect way to end the night, and the video!