Ivan and Tatiana

Ivan and Tatiana
September 18, 2016
The Riverview- Weatogue, CT

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Ivan and Tatiana both come from Russian families and had a great day that was totally unique to them and their background.

The day started off at Ivan's sister's house where he was getting ready with his groomsmen.  I then traveled across town to Tatiana's house where she was getting ready for the day.  The lighting in her house was awesome, big windows everywhere which the makeup artist used while doing her work, which created some great shots.

moreThe ceremony was in a beautiful church in Simsbury, CT.  It was a perfect size for the wedding, full of huge windows and was all white which always plays nice in a wedding video.  The church was very accommodating, allowing me to place my 2nd camera in the back of the altar, allowing for a great 2nd angle of the ceremony.  Ivan and Tatiana wrote their own vows which were very personal and made for great content of the highlight video.

Hartford was our next stop, to take photos in front of Connecticut's Capital Building.  This budding was spectacular and looked like it was transported straight from Germany.  Along with the surrounding park, it was a beautiful backdrop for their wedding party photos.

The final stop of the day was the reception at the Riverview.  It was a great venue right on the river, as you might have guessed by the name.  We took some photos by the river and went in for the reception.  This reception was unlike any other I've filmed.  Rather than the typical events followed by dancing, this reception had a little bit of everything.  Wedding party bios, speeches, skits, games, prizes, more speeches (everything translated in Russian and English) and all capped off by a slide show of each family from throughout the years.