Megan and Damien

Megan and Damien
November 12, 2016
Belle Mer- Newport, RI

Wedding Package:
Full Wedding Package

Package Extras:
2nd Shooter (6 hours)

Newport in November was an amazing setting for Megan and Damien's big day.

They chose to add a 2nd shooter for 6 hours to their package.  This is always a great addition as it provides double the coverage for an incremental cost.  With two shooters, I was able to focus all of my time on Megan and her bridesmaids getting ready and my second, Stephen was able to hang with the guys.

They got ready at the Hyatt on Goat Island which is right down the street from their venue.  Having the extra time of not bouncing back and forth between rooms, I was able to walk around the area for a bit and get some extra scenery shots which I used in the beginning of both videos.  When the girls arrived from the salon, I went to their suite to capture them getting ready.  Megan's grandma was unable to travel up for the wedding and was Skyped in to see her right after she got into her dress.  This was a special moment that was touching to be around and was a great piece in the full wedding video.

We then headed up the street to Jesus Savior Church.  It was a classic, large, old church with plenty of places to spot up with cameras.  As in a lot of church weddings, there were restrictions on where we could be and when we could move, so after talking to the priest we set up.  Having a 2nd shooter allowed me to set up 3 cameras, which added a great dynamic when putting together the full wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed to Belle Mer for the reception.  I had only seen pictures of Belle Mer and it looked amazing, but it was even more beautiful in person.  The venue itself was stunning, with dark hardwood floors, super tall ceilings and everything in white, but what puts it over the top is the view.  It's situated right along the water with the Newport Bridge in the background, and was a perfect spot for pictures.

Stephen captured the pictures on the C100 and I used the OSMO, a new slo-mo steady camera that I just bought.  These worked out great and we were able to get a good mix of footage.  Since it was around 3:30 in the fall, it was golden hour and all of the picture shots look amazing with the low sun.  I also got a great day to night time-lapse of the Newport Bridge.

We headed inside and started the party.  Megan and Damien are an extremely gregarious couple, and the night personified that.  Once the music started, the party never stopped.  Along with their families and friends, they tore up the dance floor all night making my job easy in capturing a ton of great footage.

Between the couple, the location and the sunset, this definitely goes down as one of the most beautiful weddings I've shot.

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