Taryn and Eric

Taryn and Eric
May 20, 2017
Chatham Beach and Tennis Club- Chatham, MA

Wedding Package:
Highlight Only Package

Weddings on the cape are always a treat.  You're guaranteed to get some beautiful scenary and chances are it'll be a great wedding to shoot, this one delivered on all accounts.

I got this wedding as a referral from Kelly Cronin.  I've worked with Kelly 3 times now and it's always a pleasure.  Working alongside a photographer you know makes the day run extra smoothly and it's just more fun.

We started with Taryn, she was getting ready at a nice house they rented in Chatham right across from the beach.  It was a classic Cape house which lent itself for some great getting ready shots of Taryn and her team of bridesmaids.

Eric was getting ready down the street, so I popped over to the house him and the guys rented for a bit and got some shots of them getting dressed.  They were a fun crew, and I could tell it was setting up for a good night.

We then took off to a family members house for the first look.  I always like first looks, they give an extra piece for the video and allow for a lot of photo time afterwards.  I was alone on this shoot but filmed on 2 cameras to get a couple angles to switch from in the edit.

After taking the family photos in front of the pond, we headed to the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club.  We had a solid 90 minutes to do photos before the ceremony.  With the venue being right on the beach we were able to take advantage and get some great shots of the couple and the wedding party in the sand and by the water.

The ceremony was outdoors and officiated by a friend of the couple.  She did a great job working in their story of how they met as lifeguards and using that as an analogy for marriage.  It worked out perfect for their highlight video.

The bridal party entrances from this wedding won't soon be forgotten.  I've been to a lot of weddings now and have seen all of the entrances, the football bouquet, the fishing reel, the sunglasses with serious face, but I had never seen this.  One of the groomsmen swapped clothes with a bridesmaid.  She wore his suit, he wore her dress.  It was hilarious.

We snuck out for some amazing sunset shots after the speeches.  I got a shot of them walking up the stairs with the OSMO that I loved.

The crew really brought it on the dance floor.  The band had them going strong and I was able to get a ton of good dancing footage in a pretty short time. 

This was my first Highlight Only Package video that I put together and is definitely one of my favorites.