Thomas and Melanie

Thomas and Melanie
June 11, 2016
Wayside Inn- Sudbury, MA

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Thomas is from Massachusetts, Melanie is from England, what better venue for their wedding than one that has been around since the colonial times?

I wasn't available to film this wedding, so one of my other shooters, Mike filled in and did a fantastic job.  The day started at the hotel where both Thomas and Melanie were getting ready.  When having 1 shooter its always super convenient if the couples are close by, in the same hotel is ideal.  Mike was able to bounce back and forth and get some great shots of each of them.  I really enjoyed all of the English/American flair they had, from Melanie's shoes to the custom beer labels, the theme of the day was apparent.

They did a first look at the Griss Mill on the property.  It was an awesome backdrop for the moment.  This was the first wedding in which I had a drone option, and my partner, Evan from Drones.Up nailed it.  He captured the first look from the air while Mike captured it on the ground. The two shots mesh together really nicely.

After some photos of the couple and wedding party they headed to the chapel which was onsite as well.  It was a classic looking white chapel in the middle of a field which made for great drone coverage, especially with Melanie arriving via horse drawn carriage!  The theatrics didn't end there as colonial dressed "soldiers" shot off a post ceremony salute.

The reception featured family from both sides of the Atlantic.  Melanie's sister and brother wowed the crowd with a rap song about the couple and their family members/friends gave some great toasts.  Thomas is a DJ by trade so the crowd was rocking all night.  A lively crowd not only makes for some great footage, but also make the time fly by and really is a lot of fun to film.