Cristina and Mike

Cristina and Mike
April 7, 2018
The State Room

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Cristina and Mike's wedding fully encompassed Boston in one perfect day.

We started in South Boston at the couple's beautiful condo. Mike and the boys were hanging out and I was able to capture that along with some nice personal touches of their home. It's great to be able to incorporate a home and pictures into the video to get the video to feel even more personalized.

Next stop was the InterContinental Hotel where Cristina was getting ready with the girls. She was on one of the top floors and had an amazing view. The giant windows in the room were perfect for not only lighting the room but allowing for some great silhouette shots.

Over to the Envoy roof deck for their first look. This roof deck has an amazing view (a theme for the day). We took some photos up there and went back to the InterContinental for family photos.

After finishing with the family, we went over to Dewey Square which was a great spot to get a city vibe in front of the buildings. Some of my favorite shots were the ones of Mike and Cristina walking over with their wedding parties behind them.

The ceremony was at the beautiful St Mary St Catherine church in Charlestown.  I had never been there before and it was kind of unassuming from the outside, but inside it looked like a cathedral.  

After they were officially wed we headed to the State Room, which has the best view in Boston.  You can see from the airport to downtown to the garden from up there with the floor to ceiling windows.  The party kicked off as the sun was setting and the view at night with all the lights was just as spectacular.